Cycling for sight impaired

Every cycling enthusiast knows the thrill and exhilaration of riding down a quiet country road. But what if you've lost the use of your eyes? Sight impaired people have very limited opportunities to take exercise, to keep fit, or to enjoy the local countryside.

Blind people riding bikes, is it possible? Well, it is. By riding on a tandem (bicycle for two riders), blind people ride, enjoy cycling and feel the country in a unique way...

They are keen to recapture the pleasures of riding on two wheels, experiencing the wind in their hair, the sounds and smells of the countryside, fresh air, and the thrill of moving quickly and quietly under their own power.

During these rides they’ll experience a feeling of freedom that they could not attain otherwise.

Abruzzo For You owns one tandem and has a team of front riders.  We cater for all abilities from complete beginners through to experienced riders. This is how we grade the rides:

  1. Level 1.  Easy rides suitable for beginners. Up to about 10 miles, paved road, away from traffic on level terrain.  The pace is leisurely and we take regular breaks. If you've not ridden a tandem before or if you're a bit out of condition we recommend you start with one of these rides.

  2. Level 2.  Slightly more challenging, suitable for people with more experience. Up to 20 miles, on quiet hilly roads, avoiding steep hills and traffic.

  3. Level 3.  Challenging routes, 30+ miles round trip, suitable for strong riders. We stick to country lanes wherever possible but there's more chance that you'll encounter a few hills!  You need to be fit and feeling strong to do one of these trips.

The rides are enjoyable days out, and also opportunities for people to socialise and make new friends.